Manna from Heaven


MANNA FROM HEAVEN is a charitable gift fund qualified under IRC 501 (c)(3)  that was established to help provide needed funds for the purchase of food supplies for Christian faith based ministries  currently operating food pantries in the inner city. MANNA will match documented food expenditures of currently operating food pantries up to a predetermined amount. By identifying operating pantries, none of MANNA’s funding will be used for infrastructure. Rather, all funding will be used to purchase food items. MANNA will work with the Food Bank/Food Pantry system in order to maximize the benefit of funds spent.

The Food Bank provides an approximate 10 to 1 multiple on dollars spent. That is, $1 will buy $10 worth of food to distribute.  The food budgets of many inner city pantries are fairly nominal in amount, say less than $6,000 annually. MANNA’s “matching” concept will result in incremental food distribution through existing infrastructure. MANNA will establish an effective network of other donors and/or contributors that share the same interest and compassion as does MANNA in feeding the poor and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


Providing for the Jesus’ Name